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How to Learn Film Editing

“Video Editing Workflow for Filmmakers” is the only course on Udemy.com that will teach you a fool-proof method for editing your film.  All the other courses on Udemy teach you how to use the editing software, but “Video Editing Workflow for Filmmakers” teaches you how to manage massive amounts of footage, stay organized, and overcome the feeling of overwhelm that prevents editors from working efficiently.  When you have finished this course, you will be light-years ahead of other editors. You will love the process. You will be able to focus on the creative aspects of filmmaking because you have a system that allows you to work fast and relaxed.

What is the best video editing workflow for filmmakers?

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Here is a personal message from the instructor”:

Video Editing

“Taking this course could be the most important decision you have ever made as a filmmaker. Every other online video editing course that I have ever taken only deals with how to use editing software and the technical aspects of the craft.  But to me, that’s like teaching someone how to be a great painter by only teaching them how to set up the easel and clean the brushes.

Don’t get me wrong, those other editing courses are beneficial. If you can’t use the software you’re going to have a pretty hard time editing, but I wish that someone had taken the time to show me what I am about to show you. It would have saved me so many headaches.  I had to learn everything that I am showing you the hard way, through trial and error. A lot of errors. This course is the answer to this problem. It offers a straightforward system that teaches you the workflow that will give you the tools to be as great at the craft as you always knew you could be.

Knowing the software is of paramount importance. But without knowing the step by step tasks necessary to edit your film, you will feel what I used to feel back when I first started editing:  feelings of overwhelm by the massive amounts of footage you have to deal with. And what did this lead to? Procrastination, films taking forever to get completed. I can’t speak for everyone, but I am pretty sure that I am not alone and that the lack of an efficient editing workflow has costed productions a ton of money, contributing to innumerable amounts of editing project to go behind schedule, go over budget, become paralyzed by inaction, lack of productivity, or the film remaining incompleted.  

This is why I made this course. I made it as much for me and my friends and I made it for all you out there. I wanted to teach you the one thing that I wish someone taught me when I first started editing. In this course, I recorded myself editing a film from start to finish so I know for a fact that this technique works. You will watch me start with folders full of raw footage and convert it all into a completed film before your very eyes. I will show you how to do it in a fun, organized, and systematic way.  I am confident that once you take this course that you will 100% know how to edit your film the way that YOU want it edited without ever again feeling nervous or bogged down with clutter that will make you feel like procrastinating or putting off going to your editing suite for another day. The thought of it makes me so proud to be able to share this course with you.

There will be techniques in this course that I know you will already be familiar with. In that case, consider it a validation that you have been doing everything the right way all along.  You will also see me do things that you know for a fact that you have a more efficient way of doing. If this is the case, I would love for you to message me and share that technique with me. I will listen to your idea, try it, write about it, and share it with the world, thanking you for your ingenuity. Every day that goes by we are learning and growing, no matter how experienced we tell ourselves that we are. Any organism that stops growing, is dying. I also believe in the open source model of knowledge acquisition when it comes to cinema and I am a huge proponent of sharing information.

So without further ado, I present “Editing Workflow for Filmmakers”  I and I hope it will make you a more confident editor.” -Christopher E. Scott






Don’t miss out!  Take the “Video Editing Workflow for Filmmakers” course on Udemy.com! FilmFocus.ca is offering a limited number of coupons for up to 50% off.   Click this link right now! https://www.udemy.com/editingwf/?couponCode=YOUTUBE_999

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