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Film Focus Friday is an email newsletter for people who are interested in getting exclusive content sent to them once per week in their inbox. Your email address will be kept private and it will never, under any circumstances, be shared with anyone. What makes Film Focus different from other film blogs is that other blogs are focused on creating content to appease advertisers. This blog is specifically designed to appeal to film lovers. So, if that means that we need to focus solely on films and films alone, then so be it. Our philosophy is that we will curate the best possible content for people and share what we believe to be top quality cinema, and eventually our love for cinema will pay off in the long term.  We believe that the film industry is in a state of emergency.  The primary cause of this problem stems from a decline in the quality of films being produced.  We believe that the decline in quality is directly correlated with a decline in the expectations of the audience. Film Focus Friday. Film Focus Friday. Film Focus Friday. Film Focus Friday. https://www.udemy.com/editingwf/?couponCode=SPECIAL_999